LAURENTMULLER creates domestic and commercial spaces for exclusive private clients and brands.

His deconstructionist ethos uses design to explore the contemporary human experience. The beauty in the banality of our everyday lives – the celebration of our innocence. The duality of appearances – the contrast of perception and reality. The layers of sexuality that divide us – and unite us.

Working intimately with the client's spirit and energy, Muller develops concept of interiors, presentations and set designs, all intuitive and resonating with a unique story.

Decoration and theatricality both enhance our lives. Muller's vision is filled with perspective on the themes approached, be it a country house estate in France or a private London showroom.

Space and furniture are created for a unique space. All the materials are carefully chosen to participate to the same symphony. Luxury in abundance or simplicity, volumes, colours, textures, all are mixed with finesse and 'savoir-faire' in the most exquisite secret interiors.