Two points create a line, and every line tells a story. The story of Laurent Muller began in Provence, the last of five children in an artisan family of Irish and German descent. Surrounded by craftsmanship - his mother a baker, his grandfather a fabric weaver – he developed a passion for design and an understanding that art could give a voice to the disenfranchised, free the enslaved and remember the forgotten.

His deconstructionist ethos uses design to explore the contemporary human experience. The beauty in the banality of our everyday lives – the celebration of our innocence. The duality of appearances – the contrast of perception and reality. The layers of sexuality that divide us – and unite us.

The tradition of the Arts Decoratifs and designers such as Jean-Michel Frank, Charlotte Perriand, Le Corbusier and Jacques Adnet all influence his work. He is driven by a desire to challenge traditional notions of the boundaries between art and design. His work embraces playfulness, purity and elegant minimalism, with a focus on aesthetic, while remaining purposeful.

Laurent Muller’s pieces are sculptures - sculptures that are functional aspirations. His determination is that his designs guide and inspire and celebrate what we enjoy, admire and adore in a fragile world. The collectors of his work find an echo of their stories in his forms, shadows and reflections.

Having lived in Paris, New York, Malta and London, building accomplished careers as a designer, sculptor and painter, he now focuses exclusively on one-off and limited-edition design pieces.

His latest collection of work features his signature symbolic fantasy, pure lines and use of stainless steel, brass and glass, all with unparalleled craftsmanship.